Educational VIDEO: MarketSmith 30/30 Screen

When selecting stocks, you want to narrow your universe down to the strongest stocks you can find. In this educational video, I provide a simple MarketSmith screen that combines fundamentals and technicals, so you're at least starting with a quality group of stocks. If you have any questions, you can email me directly at [email protected] [...]

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A Few Trading Lessons

I recently had the opportunity to hear Scott O'Neil speak to a group of stock traders and investors. Scott is the President of MarketSmith and one of the sharpest portfolio managers in the business. Over the 2-hour talk, he covered many topics. Here are a few lessons that should serve as great reminders to all [...]

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How I Use MarketSmith

I have received many emails recently asking me which software package I use in my videos. It is called MarketSmith and I explain ways that I use it in the following video. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am not affiliated with the company and I pay full price for the product. I highly recommend a 3-week trial. [...]

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