A Few Thoughts on Monday’s Selloff

At first, you might laugh at the title and say: "What selloff? The market was only down -0.41%." Keep in mind I mainly trade individual growth stocks and beneath the surface, there was some damage today. 1) Relative to how much the general market was down, an abnormal amount of stocks were down over -4% on Monday. [...]

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A Seasonally Strong Time of the Year

Nothing has changed with my Fourth Quarter Game Plan that I outlined on 9/16/13. 1) There will be no Fed taper until next year. 2) The S&P 500 could see +5-7% upside from here, but individual stocks could potentially see significantly more upside. My feeling is that individual stock pickers will be rewarded more than [...]

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The Honey Badger Market

The Guinness Book of World Records refers to the Honey Badger as "the most fearless animal in all the animal kingdom." In popular culture, people know that the honey badger "just don't care!" Recently, the stock market has seen numerous events that could potentially slow it down, but like the honey badger, the market doesn't [...]

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You Get What You Pay For

There are so many concepts about the stock market that are taught in the classrooms, promoted throughout the media, and passed along from generation to generation but, unfortunately, most of them are FLAT OUT WRONG! I decided to write a 5-part series (this is part 3 of 5) on the common misconceptions that really need to [...]

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Predictions for 2012

Last year, in my 2011 predictions post, I said 3 stocks would double ($SODA +154%, $JAZZ +139% and $MCP +72%). Needless to say, it will be nearly impossible to top those results this year, but that's ok because I have no long ideas right now. Read on and I'll explain: 1) Democrats and Republicans will [...]

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A Few Words of Caution

Every night, I go through my stock screens and look at approximately 1,000 stocks. Why? Because this is the way I was taught to evaluate the overall health of the market. If I find tons of strong fundamental companies building sound technical bases, breaking out on strong volume, and holding their gains, I feel confident about exposing my capital [...]

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Don’t Marry Stocks!

Any time I tweet something remotely negative about Apple ($AAPL), I practically get death threats. I want to make something perfectly clear: When I tweet cautious words about Apple, it is NOTHING PERSONAL against the stock. I am simply using it as an example that you can apply to all growth stocks. Let me explain: 1) Don't [...]

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