More Negatives than Positives, but…

Part of my investment philosophy is to look at the positive and negative signs in the market and adjust my investment levels accordingly. It is important to keep an open mind when doing this. Don’t get too caught up in what “you think the market should be doing.” Flexibility is important but being stubborn gets [...]

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My 2 Cents on the Alibaba IPO

For the past few weeks, the financial media has not stopped talking about the Chinese company Alibaba, which is going public this Friday. My biggest concern is that the retail investor is going to get screwed because they have been brainwashed that this will be the greatest IPO ever and they HAVE to buy it. [...]

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Don’t Short Addictions

When humans stress, we all have the need to reach for something. For some it's food, a cigarette, alcohol, coffee, drugs, gambling or anything else that might put us in a different state of mind so we don't have to deal with our problems. This isn't an article about psychology because I am not a [...]

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How Twitter Can Instantly 10x Their Valuation

This is an open letter to @jack, @biz, @ev, @dickc, Twitter executives, @fredwilson, and all other Twitter investors. I originally joined Twitter for the porn and free iPad offers (they say start every speech with a joke, right?). I immediately found tremendous business advantages from it. Through @howardlindzon's StockTwits platform, he allows me to share my [...]

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