My 2 Cents on the Alibaba IPO

For the past few weeks, the financial media has not stopped talking about the Chinese company Alibaba, which is going public this Friday. My biggest concern is that the retail investor is going to get screwed because they have been brainwashed that this will be the greatest IPO ever and they HAVE to buy it. [...]

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Profit Taking In January?

90% of your success as a trader should come from the work, research and effort you put in OUTSIDE of market hours. That's why I recommend traders do post analysis of their work and study market history. Since 2013 was a very strong year for the markets, we could possibly see some profit taking in January [...]

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Could the NASDAQ 100 Play Catch Up?

Picture this scenario. You're a big fund manager and you came into the year cautious because of the Fiscal Cliff. Now, the market has started the year off strong. You already underperformed last year (as did most money managers), and you don't want to underperform TWO years in a row. You're beginning to feel some pressure and [...]

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Predictions for 2012

Last year, in my 2011 predictions post, I said 3 stocks would double ($SODA +154%, $JAZZ +139% and $MCP +72%). Needless to say, it will be nearly impossible to top those results this year, but that's ok because I have no long ideas right now. Read on and I'll explain: 1) Democrats and Republicans will [...]

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The Market Still Needs More Time

As the market started to climb last week, I moved from 100% cash and decided to test the waters with some light positions. The reason for using light positions is simple: If they work out, then most likely stocks will continue to setup, and you can use the profits you have to fund additional stock [...]

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A Few Words of Caution

Every night, I go through my stock screens and look at approximately 1,000 stocks. Why? Because this is the way I was taught to evaluate the overall health of the market. If I find tons of strong fundamental companies building sound technical bases, breaking out on strong volume, and holding their gains, I feel confident about exposing my capital [...]

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So Far, So Good

On my weekend show, I mentioned that this week would be critical. Why? Because if we are going to start a new uptrend, we need to digest last week's big gains in a healthy manner. Specifically, I would like to see an orderly pullback on light volume, leading stocks acting well, and for more stocks [...]

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Market Wants Higher

I see two scenarios from here: 1) The market goes higher or 2) We have a quick pullback and the market goes higher. My point is...I feel the market will continue higher over the next 4-6 weeks. I am basing this on the following observations: 1) Stocks are acting very strong technically. Over the past 3-4 weeks, I [...]

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