Stay Humble

"Every day I assume every position I have is wrong." --- Paul Tudor Jones When the market is strong, everyone is a genius. Since 4 out of 5 stocks move with the general direction of the market, pretty much any stock you pick will move higher during an uptrend. I have always said that "strong [...]

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The Number One Challenge For Traders

I get many emails about stock trading. Although the questions cover a wide range of topics, I usually read the same theme in between the lines: Uncertainty, fear, lack of confidence, etc. I can sum them up in one word: Indecision. The number one challenge traders face is the ability to make decisions. When do I [...]

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Defending Jim Cramer

Oh boy! If the title of this blog post alone bothers you, then do me a favor and don't continue reading. If you're cool and open-minded, then please read on :) I don't know Jim Cramer. I've never met him, never spoken to him, but I have tremendous respect for the man. I was recently on [...]

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Pay Attention to Price Action

Back on July 22, 2011, I was long 6 stocks. A sharp trader friend of mine looked at the 6 charts and said: "Those are REALLY good setups, if they fail, the market is screwed." Two trading days later, I got stopped out of the 6 stocks and went into 100% cash (I wrote a [...]

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