The Market is a Beast of its Own, Respect it!

In the fall of 1987, there were 11 days of distribution (heavy volume selling) BEFORE the October 1987 crash. In September 2001, the market was looking horrible, no stocks were setting up, and out of nowhere...9/11 happened. Fast forward to today. In late September/early October the market experienced heavy distribution. I went to 100% cash [...]

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My Biggest Challenge as a Financial Blogger

I joined StockTwits three years ago. One of the biggest benefits I get from its platform is idea generation. In return, I like to share ideas to help my followers create a decent watch list of growth stocks. Here's the problem: Like it or not, many of the bloggers on the network have picked up [...]

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A Few Trading Lessons

I recently had the opportunity to hear Scott O'Neil speak to a group of stock traders and investors. Scott is the President of MarketSmith and one of the sharpest portfolio managers in the business. Over the 2-hour talk, he covered many topics. Here are a few lessons that should serve as great reminders to all [...]

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