Love and Hate

I have a unique investing style. I trade the market when it's healthy and I sit out when it's not. Why? Because in the past, I have given back too much money during bad markets and I simply decided not to trade them anymore. A few months ago, I realized that if I'm going to [...]

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The Ultimate Goal For All Traders

I have a friend who screens the market every night, just as I do. Often times, he calls to tell me about a stock he found that looks great technically and fundamentally. I tell him: "Well, if you like it, you should buy it." He starts to hesitate and questions his analysis. In fact, you can [...]

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You Get What You Pay For

There are so many concepts about the stock market that are taught in the classrooms, promoted throughout the media, and passed along from generation to generation but, unfortunately, most of them are FLAT OUT WRONG! I decided to write a 5-part series (this is part 3 of 5) on the common misconceptions that really need to [...]

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