1) When you don’t need to rely on anyone else’s opinion and you stop asking others: “What do you think of the market?” Have conviction in your ideas and don’t be easily influenced by others. You shouldn’t have to rely on other opinions because YOU should know yourself.

2) When you stop feeling the need to pound your chest every time you make 30 cents on a stock. “Act like you’ve been there before!” Don’t act like you’ve never had success trading before.

3) When you stop feeling the need to trade every day and you get over the “fear of missing out.” This “fear” is the downfall of most traders.

4) When you make a good trade or a good call on the market and don’t feel the need to remind everyone. If you are doing a good job, people will notice.

5) When you learn to cut losses without hesitation. No one likes to lose, but cutting losses is part of the game. Accept it and move on!

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