Michael Jordan on Tiger Woods

The following is an article from ESPN the Magazine written by Michael Jordan back in May 2001. He talks about Tiger Woods, the killer instinct, and performing in the clutch. When I read this, I find so many similarities to stock trading. I hope that you also see the correlations, as we all strive to [...]

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Stay Defensive!

Over the past week, I've heard the same questions over and over: "Is now a good time to buy?" "When can we get back in the market?" "What will it take for you to turn bullish?" When I hear these questions, I want to scream: "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU IN SUCH A RUSH FOR???!!!" [...]

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The Market Still Needs More Time

As the market started to climb last week, I moved from 100% cash and decided to test the waters with some light positions. The reason for using light positions is simple: If they work out, then most likely stocks will continue to setup, and you can use the profits you have to fund additional stock [...]

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5 Signs You’ve Matured as a Trader

1) When you don't need to rely on anyone else's opinion and you stop asking others: "What do you think of the market?" Have conviction in your ideas and don't be easily influenced by others. You shouldn't have to rely on other opinions because YOU should know yourself. 2) When you stop feeling the need [...]

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