Cautious For Now

Back on April 11, I wrote a blog post titled: "Market's Running Out of Steam." The market dropped over the next five days, only to snap back to new highs five days after that. On the way back up, I got several emails asking me if I was still cautious. Here are my thoughts: 1) [...]

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Buy the Rumor, Sell the News

I'm a huge fan of the phrase: "Buy the rumor, sell the news." When I first started trading in the mid-1990's, I remember holding stocks that would make big moves ahead of their earnings reports, only to drop after the announcement. I thought to myself: "I don't get it, they beat their earnings and gave [...]

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Market’s Running Out of Steam

I went mostly into cash today (4/11/11) for the following reasons: 1) The number one criteria I use to evaluate the health of the market is the price action of leading stocks. Right now, I am finding very few quality trading setups and many of the stocks that did well over the past few weeks [...]

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