I see two scenarios from here: 1) The market goes higher or 2) We have a quick pullback and the market goes higher. My point is…I feel the market will continue higher over the next 4-6 weeks. I am basing this on the following observations:

1) Stocks are acting very strong technically. Over the past 3-4 weeks, I have suggested to slowly scale into this market. The majority of stocks that I recommended have worked out well and they are now either barely correcting or they are pulling back orderly on light volume. Examples include $GMCR $ISRG $NETL $LULU $IPXL $NFLX $CLNE $ATHR $CAGC $BCSI.

2) The major indexes continue to climb on strong volume and consolidate on light volume, a positive sign in my view.

3) The big institutions continue to put money to work. If you are a large mutual fund or hedge fund, your universe of growth stocks is limited. In other words, you have to buy Big Cap stocks with liquidity. Even if you do not trade these names, it is worth observing them to see what the big boys are doing. The price action in $AAPL $ISRG $GOOG $BIDU $AMZN $PCLN $V $GS is very constructive. The majority of these stocks are breaking out or building new bases to possibly break out over the next 4-8 weeks.

4) The stocks that continue to show up on my fundamental and technical screens cover a wide range of sectors showing me that this recent rally is broad based. Examples include: Tech, Retail, Energy, Semis, Restaurants, etc.

5) Everyone seems to fall into one of two categories. They either hate this rally or they are a cautious bull. I would consider myself the latter. My point is that VERY FEW people are in the crazy bull camp and feel this market has any legs left in it. Keep in mind: “The markets tend to fool the majority.”

A word of caution: I realize the markets have had a nice run over the past few weeks. I am not saying to jump in right now if you are not invested because we could see a pullback. If you did get in recently, hopefully you have decent entry points on your stocks and you have “room” to let your winners ride. If you did not get in, don’t chase extended stocks but rather look to buy them on pullbacks to logical support areas. Overall, I remain positive on this market because of the strong signs listed above.

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